What is Tour Your Own City?

Tour Your Own City is a program developed by the Guides Association of New York City (GANYC) to offer the best tours in New York City specifically to New York-area residents. After months of being cooped up during the COVID-19 outbreak, our friends and neighbors throughout New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania are itching to get out and explore the Big Apple, and there is no better, safer way to do that than with a licensed New York City tour guide. In addition to this website listing New York’s best tours, Tour Your Own City has an active social media campaign on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Use #touryourowncity to tag us!

How Does Tour Your Own City Work?

TourYourOwnCity.com is not an e-commerce site. It is a portal that lists great tours all over New York City. We have made it super simple for you to find great tours that will pique your curiosity about The City that Never Sleeps. You can search for tours in several ways:

  • Use the Search Bar on the Home Page to search for specific tours by interest, borough, day of the week, language, or type of tour (public, private, walking, etc).
  • Click on the orange box on the left side of the search bar, and use the checkboxes to search for great tours.
  • Click on the View Tours button at the top of each page to view tours grouped together by borough.

Once you find a tour you like, click on the link to read more details on that tour.

Click on the link at the bottom of the tour listing page, and you will be directed either to the the guide’s website for more information and to book your tour of New York City!

While enjoying the tour, take lots of pictures and be sure to tag us! #TourYourOwnCity #TYOC #AllinNYC.

Is it Safe to Take a Tour Now?

Yes! New York currently has some of the lowest COVID rates in the nation, thanks to successful mitigation efforts and a mass vaccination campaign. The Guides Association of NYC, and all its members, have followed the official, evolving CDC and New York State guidance throughout this pandemic. You can see our Health and Safety page in the main menu for more details.

Each guide you will book through will be happy to work with your personal comfort level during this time of transition, to ensure a safe and happy experience.

What types of tours are offered on Tour Your Own City?

Tours are being added to our site all the time, and you will find tours to suit any interest. If you don’t find a tour specific to your interest, feel free to contact one of the tour guides on Tour Your Own City or at the GANYC website to craft a custom tour just for you!

Here are a few hints to help you find the perfect tours for you:

  • Public tours are open to any member of the public to purchase a ticket, so on these tours, you will likely be with others you don’t know.  The itinerary is usually set in advance and usually cannot be customized.
  • Private tours are experiences just for you and your group. No one else will be on the tour. These tours can often be customized according to your interests  — work with your tour guide to craft the perfect tour!
  • You can also search for tours by the following parameters:
    • Day of the Week. Note that if a tour is listed as “By Appointment Only,” that means it is a private tour and you can work with the guide to find the perfect date for your tour experience
    • Location: Search by borough, or even by neighborhood
    • Tour Type: In addition to Public and Private Tours, you can also search for Walking Tours, Private Vehicle Tours, Boat Tours, Bicycle Tours, Subway Tours, and even Online/Virtual Tours
    • Interests: There are too many to list here, but some of the more popular tours cover subjects like History, Architecture, Food, Literature, Street Art, Movies & TV, and Celebrities.

To stay up to date on new tours being added to Tour Your Own City, be sure to sign up for our e-newsletter at the bottom of this page, or the bottom of the Tour Your Own City home page.

Can I book a tour directly through Tour Your Own City?

No. TourYourOwnCity.com is a listing site designed to be a one-stop resource for New York-area residents to find the best and most interesting tours in the Big Apple. Tour guides and operators listed on TourYourOwnCity.com receive 100% of the fees for the tours you book — we don’t take a single cent. Your booking will get revenue directly into the hands of tour guides at a time when these small businesses owned by your friends and neighbors need it most.

How do I stay up-to-date on the latest tours offered on Tour Your Own City?

We hope to be adding new tours here all the time, and will send out a regular e-newsletter featuring tours, and other content about New York City! We will not share your information with anyone.

To stay up to date on new tours being added to Tour Your Own City, be sure to sign up for our e-newsletter at the bottom of this page, or the bottom of the Tour Your Own City home page.

Who designed the Tour Your Own City website?

TourYourOwnCity.com was designed by Alex at Boathouse Web Design.

A special thank you to Amada Anderson who did much of the early development work on the website.

Get #TourYourOwnCity Updates & More

We’ll send you the latest tour news…

Get #TourYourOwnCity Updates & More

We’ll send you the latest tour news…

TourYourOwnCity.com and GANYC take no responsibility for the accuracy of the content on this website, and for the quality of the tour experiences offered. Any and all discussions, negotiations and disputes should be addressed directly with the tour operators and guides.